Hickory Dickorys Day Nursery - Toddlers (2-3 years)
Hickory Dickorys Day Nursery


Toddler Groups: 2-3 years

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Join our Toddler groups in our large and vibrant playrooms, where play is focused and exciting. Children can imagine, create, and investigate the fabulous equipment and activities on offer, such as sensory trays, free choice design corner and theatre play. Our experienced team build strong relationships with each child, promoting socialising, speech & language skills and encouraging independence. Through topics and child choice activities each child will grow in confidence and become an active learner willing to explore further. Opportunities for free and imaginative play is always available and valued, which provides a strong link with home and real-life experiences.

Our playrooms have direct access to our Garden where they can climb the tree-house, pretend play in the separate mud-kitchen, explore nature, dig for dinosaurs and build dens whatever the weather.[for more information, please go to Learning Envrionment]

Our Mood Zone offers opportunities for children to take time out and discover the heuristic equipment available which stimulates the senses, calms the mind, & encourage restful creativity, in a wonderfully soothing and tranquil area of the playroom, with soft lighting and aesthetic materials. [for more information, please go to Learning Envrionment]

'If you have good thoughts, they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely' (Roald, Dahl, nd)

Our Toddler children can also experience our Little Bookworms Library in the Pre-School room for story-time, story sacks, puppet shows and computer play.[for more information, please go to Learning Envrionment]

A dedicated Physical Development and Dance Studio is available for all children to explore, and our Toddlers have opportunities to experience P.E, dance, music & movement, and games. Our music and movement class "Boogie Beat" visit fortnightly teaching children to re-imagine stories through singing and dancing, exploring the musical instruments and having lots of fun![for more information, please go to Learning Envrionment]

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