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The Nursery School 3-5 Years

Pre-School - Building Blocks Aby and her team are qualified and experienced in Nursery Care with EYPS. The Nursery has a Vision which all the Team believe in and promote through a positive ethos and a enthusiastic approach in delivering The Early Years Foundation Stage throughout the setting. The children in Aby's group are separated into two groups, differentiating activities for the 3-4 year olds and the 4-5 year olds. Aby and her team of qualified Nursery Nurses, promote each child's Independence through mutual respect and understanding of each others feelings, taking turns, being kind to each other, helping each other and playing together. We approach the children's learning in a relaxed and gently structured atmosphere within a rich and stimulating environment.

Through topic work, group discussions, interesting activities and observations children become inquisitive and confident learners. Social interactions are fostered during daily routines such as, registration, storytime and group activities, independence is encouraged through plenty of free choice activities, social responsibilities within the group and opportunities to promote many important self help skills in a supportive way. The voice of the child is always encouraged with enthusiasm and interest.

Pre-School - Dressing UpA range of activities are available such as PE, Dance and Drama in our dedicated dance suite, Science, Art and Craft, Cookery and Music these in turn enhance the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum.

We promote the abilities of each child to become active learners and independent souls. Aby and her Team are looking forward to being a part of your child's life and aiding their transition to School smoothly and happily, thus assisting them on their next exciting journey with confidence and independence. Free Care for 3 & 4 year olds is available to all children. (more information is available on registration).


  • Parents evenings and progress reports for reflective developmental opportunities
  • Games with Lorraine our Community Police Officer
  • Road Safety Sessions
  • Story time with Barbara at Waterstones
  • Recycling our Milk cartons to help the environment
  • Visits to the Dentist, the Park, the Library, the Museum, Fire Station, the Theatre and many more!
  • Regular topic webs and newsletters
  • Graduation Party
  • Share-a-Book scheme for parents and children
  • Christmas Production
  • Birthday Tea
  • The ratio in the pre-school is one to thirteen children (for level 6 or above), for all other employees it is one adult to eight children. If a child is integrating from the Toddlers and are under three they remain in a one to four ratio.

Our Ethos

The emphasis of The Nursery is to provide a wide range of opportunities that allow the children to explore the World around them and further their experiences and understanding of it in a meaningful way.

We offer a happy, stimulating and supportive environment for all of our children, and to promote the abilities of each child so that they can become active learners and independent souls.

Throughout the course of their time with us they will experience a multitude of activities to promote The Early Years Curriculum.

The Nursery provides each child with a unique opportunity to learn about life, to exercise problem solving skills and to develop their own character in an unequalled way.

We recognise and promote the significance of each Childs` race, culture, ability and gender and have a respect and value of difference as these are important aspects of self identity.

We provide a caring, loving and enthusiastic environment which will promote confidence and self esteem in the most sensitive of child.

Physical & Dance Suite

A separate room dedicated to Physical Development. The Early Years Foundation Stage 2014 states that: "Physical Development involves providing opportunities for young children to be active and interactive; and to develop their co-ordination, control, and movement. Children must also be helped to understand the importance of physical activity, and to make healthy choices in relation to food."

This dedicated Suite provides opportunities for children to explore, from sitting on their own to throwing a ball, children gradually develop the physical skills needed for their adult lives. Physical development includes both growth and the ability to use muscles and body parts for particular skills. Throughout the early years, children are learning to do new things with their bodies and this Suite encourages these skills, through dance, movement, Gross & Fine Motor Activities.

As children grow in their appreciation of the beauty of music & dance, they will acquire a gift that will bring them great pleasure. Music brings another dimension to their lives together with moment these will enhance children's development in many ways.

Boogie Beat now here at nursery.

Boogie Beat are music & movement classes which are energetic & fun, They combine music, song and dance to give children a structured and enjoyable learning and development experience. They use a wide range of props, including puppets, scarves, bean bags, big ball, parachute and much more!

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