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The Learning Environment

The Mood Zone

Mood Zone 1  Mood Zone 2  Mood Zone 3  Mood Zone 4  Mood Zone 5

Our Mood Zone offers opportunities for children to take time out for mindful relaxation and discover and explore the equipment available which stimulates the senses, calms the mind, & encourages restful creativity. In a wonderfully soothing and tranquil area of the playroom, the children can explore the sensory equipment, which assists the child with touching, smelling and playing with the textures in an environment with little expectation, away from distractions and noise with soft lighting and aesthetic materials.

The Benefits of Mindfulness:

Children benefit from the amazing changes that simple mindfulness practices can bring about for their emotional health and wellbeing.

Mindfulness helps children disengage from the constancy of thinking, judging, planning, worrying and other cognitive functions that keep our minds busy.

Teaching children to practice mindfulness helps them reduce the intensity of difficult feelings and experiences by learning to let it all go... one breath, one mindful moment at a time!

The Garden

The Garden 1  The Garden 2  Girl with worm in the Garden.  Playing in our Garden

In all weather the children can play and explore outside in our garden, they can enjoy games, and activities such as water and sand play, they can dig for dinosaurs, build, and create dens and observe nature as it unfolds. Our garden is a natural enticing space, with opportunities to develop Understanding of the World in an unhurried way. Our mud kitchen is an outdoor play station that allows children to engage in pretend and messy play by cooking with mud, sand, and water. Play in the Mud kitchen helps our children to develop their fine motor skills, roleplay with their friends, explore textures, and enhance social skills.

Little Bookworm's Library

Little Bookworm's Library 1  Little Bookworm's Library 2  Little Bookworm's Library 3

Our cosy library area boasts a wide selection of storybooks, story sacs, dual language books, learning about the World and puppet play.

It has astonishing benefits for children: comfort and reassurance, confidence and security, relaxation, happiness and fun. Giving children time and attention when reading them a story tells them they matter, it builds self-esteem, vocabulary, feeds imagination and even improves their sleep patterns, a quiet area where children can enjoy books & stories is a valuable addition. A Share-a-Book scheme is available, where children can take books home to share with their parents, making their own choice & selections.

In The Dining Room

The Dining Room 1  The Dining Room 2  The Dining Room 3  The Dining Room 4

The children enjoy a separate Dining Room for meals, where they are encouraged to set the table with plates, knives, forks & spoons, they serve themselves & help each other. We hold tasting weeks prior to the new seasons menu, through tasting days & score boarding charts & stickers, the children vote on the meals they prefer and these are then added to the new menu. Eating is a fun & sociable experience where children can talk & discuss their food. We promote healthy eating through a varied & exciting menus which changes each season. Teaching the children about healthy diets leads to healthy bodies and minds.

The Dining Room can also be used as an exploration zone where Children can become 'little scientists' by mixing potions and creating erupting volcanoes! During cooking activities, children can follow recipes to create tasty treats and savoury bakes. Enjoying cookery activities enhances children's knowledge & experiences of mixing, preparing & estimating ingredients. Sharing their finished creations to take home and enjoy with their family or share at teatime with their friends.

Physical Development and Dance Studio

Physical Development and Dance Studio 1  Physical Development and Dance Studio 2  Physical Development and Dance Studio 3  

A dedicated room for all children to explore, to have opportunities to experience small apparatus for P.E activities for balancing & strengthening our bodies, to combat the obstacle course.

Dance, Drama, Music & Movement, is enjoyed in here by pretending to be dinosaurs, ballerinas or creating their own characters, moving freely & expressively.

Children can re-imagine stories through singing and dancing and exploring the wide range of musical instruments and having lots of fun!

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