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Baby Suite: Birth to 2 years

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Enter our Babysuite where the emotional wellbeing of a young child is paramount, where sensory and physical exploration are provided in a warm, loving, and supportive environment. Following each child's individual routine, they become settled, content, and take pleasure in moving, communicating, and learning through play.

Each child has unlimited attention from their key person who provides security and forms a loving & nurturing attachment. All our children have settle-in sessions before entering nursery with opportunities to meet key people and discuss needs, expectations and form strong relationships.

'Children come into the world biologically pre-programmed to form attachments with others, because this will help to survive. A child has an innate (i.e. inborn) need to attach to one main attachment figure.' (Bowlby, J, nd)

Our Babysuite is beautifully self-contained with its own kitchen, sleep room and activity rooms, creating a homely environment. The children can gently explore our garden with opportunities for crawling, walking, and climbing and enjoying the natural setting.

An exciting sensory Soft-Play Room awaits the adventurous, full of stimulating and colourful equipment for all the children in the nursery to explore, but especially our babies. This room promotes physical development and enquiring minds. A dedicated Physical Development and Dance Studio is also available for all children to explore, and our babies have opportunities to experience mini-gym, dance, music and movement, and yoga.[for more information, please go to Learning Envrionment]

We communicate with parents through diaries which note significant events and routines throughout the day. Progress is carefully monitored to promote appropriate development for your child through observation, topics, activities and recorded on our online journal "Tapestry". We also welcome comments, pictures and any news that parents wish to upload to the journal to share with their friends.

Five to Thrive


At Hickory Dickorys we know that children need good food and healthy exercise. But, recent research shows that brains need more than this to grow strong. Human beings need loving relationships for healthy brain development. Of course we have always known that children thrive better when they are loved, but now we know why this happens - it is because being with people who love us feeds our brains. These are the 5 building blocks to achive this.


These are your child's daily 'five to thrive' - building blocks for a healthy brain.

We ensure all our baby's experience these and many more emotional stimuli throughout the day, giving many opportunities to give your baby's brain what it needs to grow well.

'The things you do every day that help your child's growing' (K.Cairns 2015)

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